The Hotel Turismo da Covilha is a unit recently rated 4 stars. Situated at the entrance of the city, opposite to the University Hospital and College of Medicine, and 5 minutes from downtown

- 100 Rooms and Suites - Restaurant and Bar - Gardens
- Restaurant and Bar - Natura Clube & Spa  
- Meeting Rooms - Restaurant and Bar  


Situated in Unhais da Serra, in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, H2otel is a mountain hotel built from scratch, architecturally integrated into the landscape

The unit also includes a 100% Wellness Center called Aquadome , which consists of four major areas: AquaTermas, the most modern thermal center of the country, where the slope of respiratory diseases has a high level of specialization; AquaFisio, a complete osteopathy and  physiotherapy center ; AquaCorpus for a meeting between body and mind, associating high aesthetics  oriental therapies, Aqualudic the most innovative set of dynamic pools themed with Celtic circuit


- 90 Rooms and Suites - ThermoLudic Center - Meeting Rooms
- Restaurant and Bar - Thermal Center  
- Mountain Spa by Gérnetic - Gardens & Padle (2 courts)